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Our Keynote Speaker

Paddy Cosgrave

Global Tech Entrepreneur, CEO & Co-Founder of Web Summit, Collision & RISE
In 2009, Paddy Cosgrave co-founded Web Summit, the world’s largest and most influential tech event based in Dublin. Building its success, Paddy launched Collision in 2013, which grew from 5,000 attendees in its first year in Dublin to more than 25,000 last year in New Orleans. With the conference’s move to Toronto for a three-year residency, Collision will attract global CEOs, startups, leading investors and media from more than 120 countries to the region.

This year, just as the city is opening its doors to global tech giants, like Microsoft, Uber and Sidewalk Labs, the Board is delighted to welcome Paddy as an ambassador for the global tech community. “I’m excited by the opportunity to join the Board and share why Collision selected Toronto to be its home for at least three years and how, together, we will bring more international attention to this dynamic region,” Paddy says.

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